Instant Rituals

Treatment time: 5 minutes
Products applied: high performance concentrates

Your Ambassador conducts a diagnosis to determine the right products for you
After a relaxing hair bath, your hair will be ready for the treatment. Lock by lock, the treatment penetrates into the core of your hair thanks to the precise application and technology. 

Silky Soft

A spray of pure nourishment ensures dry, coarse hair is left light and incredibly soft.

Radiant Glow

An instant action to ensure that long hair has added strength and flows with shine and radiance.

Core Strength

Instantly reinforce your hair fibre internally for longer lasting colour and stronger, healthier-looking hair.

Volume Plumper

A breakthrough technology instantly injects fine hair with a tri-dimensional network to leave it looking denser and full of volume.

Colour Boost

The perfect post-colour boost to leave your coloured hair fully refreshed and infinitely shiny.

Age Renewal

Morpho-firming gel for mature hair. Exclusive in-salon Ritual (Rinse-out).